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China Professional 7bar 8bar 10bar Best Rated 7.5kw 10HP Electric Stationary Air/Water CZPT Direct Drive Oil-Less Rotary Single Screw Type Pm VSD Air Compressor with Hot selling

Product Description


one. Lower temperature signifies more performance
With an extremely reduced running temperature of less than 60ºC, near isothermal compression is reached. 
The exceptional CZPT capability of water eliminates the heat and provides far more air for every kW of power.
This also gets rid of the need for an inner cooler and aftercooler, the CZPT electricity use decreases strain drop to a minimum.

2. Chopping the maintenance value
Spare elements only need air filter elements and h2o filter elements
Low running temperature makes certain the prolonged services life of the screw air finish, keeping away from pricey routine maintenance charges for the screw rotor.
Low temperature minimizes the stress on other parts making sure lengthy daily life.

3. Staying away from the costs of extra energy to battle strain fall
These expenses, although not evident at the time of buy, are really large and add substantially to the whole expense of ownership.

4. No Gearbox No want for CZPT oil lubrication.

5. Straightforward structure 
Fewer relocating components than the dry oil-cost-free screw air compressor, which means there is significantly less to go wrong, 
although harmony bearing loads extend the compression factor provider lifestyle for lower-value procedure. 


Product Parameters


Merchandise Description


Firm Profile



Scorching Sale Goods




           2~10bar Oil-injected                        7~16bar All-in-1                       Small One-section
       Screw Air Compressor                   Screw Air Compressor                 Screw Air Compressor  


         2~40bar a hundred% Oil-free                   8~12bar 100% Oil-free                Diesel Engine Portable
       Screw Air Compressor                   Scroll Air Compressor                 Screw Air Compressor  



Primary Item


What we can offer:

* Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor (2~sixteen bar)
* All-in-1 Screw Air Compressor with Tank, Dryer, and Filters (7~sixteen bar)
* Solitary-stage Modest Screw Air Compressor for Residence use (8~ten bar)
* Water-injected Oil-totally free Screw Air Compressor (2~forty bar)
* Oil-cost-free Scroll Air Compressor (8~twelve bar)
* Diesel&Electric Engine Transportable Screw Air Compressor (8~30 bar)
* Air Dryer, Air tank, Filters, and other Spare parts


The Air Compressor Is a Versatile Instrument

The Air Compressor is one particular of the most adaptable equipment in any garage or workshop. It is simple to use and can perform a variety of tasks, from jackhammering to drilling. These machines are available in a broad assortment of dimensions and kinds, making it an outstanding choice for a variety of situations. With a one motor, you no more time want independent motors for each and every device. Its lightweight, compact design can make it easy to take care of, and the solitary motor also lowers wear on parts.


Oil-injected air compressors require a big sum of lubricant, which demands to be extra to the sump routinely to preserve the best possible performance. As there are many sorts of industrial fluids, a effectively-intentioned maintenance technician could insert the mistaken lubricant to the compressor. If this transpires, the compressor will grow to be incompatible with the lubricant, ensuing in extreme carryover and the want to flush and change downstream air treatment method components.
Typically, the G a hundred and ten-250 oil-injected rotary screw compressor from Atlas Copco supplies dependable compressed air, avoiding expensive downtime. The G110-250 oil-injected rotary screw compressor is hugely trustworthy and resilient, enabling it to operate in temperatures up to 46degC/115degF. Regardless of the oil-injected air compressor’s robust style, this device demands quite small on-internet site installation, and it functions straightforward procedure.
The principal benefit of oil-injected air compressors is the reduced price of working. The value of oil-free compressors is much less than fifty percent of that of oil-injected ones, and it will need less upkeep expenses in the prolonged operate. In addition, the oil-cost-free method is far more environmentally helpful than oil-injected air compressors. But the negatives of oil-injected air compressors are substantial, also. It can contaminate concluded goods and cause a important fiscal threat for the producer.
An oil-injected rotary screw air compressor offers a number of rewards above its counterpart. Initial, it functions an innovative vertical design with variable-velocity push, enabling it to run a lot more successfully. 2nd, oil-injected air compressors decrease energy use by up to fifty% in comparison to non-oil-injected air compressors. They also have a thermostatic valve, permitting them to keep an ideal temperature. Thermostatically-regulated oil coolers let the compressor to operate much more quietly.

Oil-free of charge

What is an oil-free of charge air compressor? The name refers to a sort of air compressor that does not have oil in the compressor chamber. Oil-cost-free air compressors nevertheless use oil for different functions, which includes lubricating the moving areas and controlling squander warmth. Nonetheless, numerous people do not realize that their air compressor still demands oil for appropriate functioning. This report will check out why this variety of air compressor is preferable for several customers.
1st of all, oil-cost-free air technology has many positive aspects. For one particular, it decreases the vitality price concerned in filtering air, and it minimizes leaks. In addition, it also lowers the oil costs associated with compressor refills. And last but not least, it decreases the risks of contamination. Oil-cost-free air technologies is the potential of compressed air. If you’re seeking for an oil-free of charge air compressor, here’s what to search for in your research.
Based on the purpose of your air compressor, it might be beneficial to invest in an oil-totally free air compressor. Oil-lubricated air compressors are normally far more durable than their oil-free of charge counterparts, but they may price 2 times as considerably. You must nonetheless think about the value of possession prior to getting an oil-cost-free compressor. The oil-free of charge versions can be easier to transport, and they are far more potent. Additionally, they’re quieter than oil-lubed versions.
An oil-cost-free air compressor also indicates much less upkeep, as it does not need to have oil to operate. This type of air compressors also features less shifting elements, which indicates less areas for problems to produce. All oil-free of charge air compressors are produced to meet up with ISO Course and 1 air purity specifications. They also have less noise and vibration when compared to their oil-based mostly counterparts. So, why not decide on an oil-free air compressor for your organization?


When choosing a gasoline-run air compressor, it really is crucial to take into account the benefits of gasoline. This vitality source can electricity a large air compressor without electricity. Nonetheless, this type of air compressor lacks electrical hookup, so you will need to run an extension wire if you need to use it at a length. However, gasoline compressors are ready to function with just a gasoline tank. This can make them excellent for medium to hefty-responsibility industrial applications.
An additional crucial thing to consider when deciding on a gasoline air compressor is its measurement. Greater compressors are normally larger than moveable types and need more room. This helps make them less complicated to transport and operate on the go. However, if you’re not positive which type of air compressor is greatest for you, contemplate the fuel-powered versions. Even though they could be lighter, they don’t run as easily as their electric counterparts. Gasoline-run compressors are not as moveable as their electrical counterparts and call for appropriate routine maintenance.

Electrical energy

Electrical power in an air compressor is not low-cost. A twenty five HP air compressor runs for 10 several hours each working day, 5 times a 7 days. The motor in these machines consumes 746 watts for every hour. To uncover out how significantly electric power the products utilizes, multiply the wattage by the running time. For case in point, if the compressor runs for 3 several hours, then it will use 1.9 kilowatt hours of electrical energy. To figure out how significantly electrical power an air compressor uses for every working day, you can compute the kilowatt hrs and multiply the variety by the utility fee. Considering this, you can decide the price of working your air compressor after per thirty day period.
The value of functioning an air compressor relies upon on the sort of compressor. Electrical air compressors are frequently silent and can run with out any routine maintenance. These resources can be remaining unattended for up to 4 thousand hours before requiring restore. Electrical air compressors call for larger electrical power for greater strain, so you ought to prepare appropriately. Whether or not you require a routine maintenance pay a visit to is up to you, but the benefit of not possessing to invest a fortune on repairs is priceless.
Although compressed air is not an energy-efficient supply, its use in a assortment of apps might save you cash and kilowatts. Considering that an air compressor uses energy when it is operating, the value is lower than the price of running a energy tool. If you plan to use your air compressor for a prolonged time, make confident that it is preserved appropriately. Suitable treatment will save you cash and power, and you may possibly even be ready to get an extended warranty if the compressor breaks down.

Variable frequency travel

The main goal of a variable frequency push (VFD) in an air compressor is to minimize energy use in the approach of compression. A solitary motor drag method are not able to change its velocity continually in accordance to the bodyweight of the load. By applying frequency manage to the compressor, the electricity use can be lowered while sustaining the very same pressure amount. As a result, a VFD is an excellent option for compressors. Its benefits are numerous.
A VFD can also check the temperature of the motor and send out error indicators if the motor is managing too very hot or also cold. This eliminates the require for a different sensor to keep track of the oil pressure. These functions are beneficial not only in lowering vitality consumption, but also in strengthening the functionality of an application. Moreover, a VFD can check additional variables these kinds of as temperature and motor velocity. Hence, it is a helpful investment decision.
When utilizing a VFD, it is essential to decide on the proper motor. The speed of the compressor need to be in the maximum commencing restrict of the motor. The air tank may possibly be of any size, but a continuous force limit is essential to preserve the VFD working inside the service aspect of the motor. In addition to a VFD, a master controller should also incorporate a distant pressure established level and a PID card for a master controller. The transmitter need to integrate all helpful information from the VFD, including the pace and the oil temperature. The VFD must be examined before it is integrated with the grasp management. It need to be examined for min and max speed, temperature, and present inside the predicted assortment.
The use of a VFD in an air compressor has several advantages. One of the most noteworthy is the reduction in energy intake. Fixed-speed compressors operate on set points of six to 7 bar. An additional bar of compression employs 7 percent of strength. This vitality is squandered. A VFD-powered air compressor can also enhance the existence span of compressor elements. It is one of the ideal investments in your compressor. So, why wait any for a longer time?

China Professional 7bar 8bar 10bar Best Rated 7.5kw 10HP Electrical Stationary Air/Drinking water CZPT Direct Push Oil-Less Rotary One Screw Variety Pm VSD Air Compressor     with Sizzling marketingChina Professional 7bar 8bar 10bar Best Rated 7.5kw 10HP Electric powered Stationary Air/Water CZPT Immediate Push Oil-Significantly less Rotary Solitary Screw Sort Pm VSD Air Compressor     with Hot offering

China factory 90kw 125HP 10bar Electric Stationary Screw Air Compressor Manchines with Ce/ISO9001/SGS Certificate with Great quality

Merchandise Description

Merchandise description

Product: DC-125A
Free air shipping and delivery: 15.5m3/min
Operating strain: 8 bar 
Screw air end rotor lobe: 5:6
Manufacturer of screw air end: CZPT ZheJiang
Control: PLC
Driven: direct
Cooling: by air
Electric powered motor: 125hp ninetyKW  380V/50hz/3ph
Discharge temperature: considerably less than ambient +8 ºC
Sound: significantly less than 72 dB(A)
Air outlet dimension: DN50
Dimension: 2571*1260*1460mm
Excess weight: 1500kg



Air stop
1.SAP type line to improve the screw compression efficiency Equivalent merchandise preserve much more than 5%
two.Substantial machining accuracy, minimal vibration of main machine and minimal noise
3.Arrived at Countrywide Degree 1 Energy Effectiveness Common.

one.Productive design and style, CZPT bearings, make sure the long daily life of the motor.
two.IP54 guarded entirely enclosed motor, be concerned-free of charge in harsh problems operate.
three.Regular stage sequence protection to stop reversal.

Massive Contact Master Controller
1.Matching inverter exclusive customization.
two.Lcd Chinese and English switch screen.
three.Abundant self-diagnostic functions this sort of as fault alarm, upkeep reminder, automatic shutdown, and so on.
4.Clock perform, can established timing change.
five.Several sign outputs: RS485 port.

one.ABB / Siemens model vector manage frequency conversion technique, frequency conversion response velocity is quicker.
2.Continuous force output to remove pressure fluctuation and off-load.
three.Consistent temperature output at 9~85°C, Reduced commencing existing to defend components,15% energy-conserving.

Pre-filter Safety
one.Special pre-filter go over design and style to preserve the inside of of the machine clean and lengthen the routine maintenance cycle.
2.Easy to disassemble and cleanse, and can be reused.

Productive CZPT Program
1.Adopting massive-size high-effectiveness cooler to cope with severe working conditions.
two.Adopt impartial large enthusiast combined with oil CZPT technique, lower temperature and more steady.

Electrical Technique
1.Standardized design and style, risk-free and reliable.
2.Professional wiring interface,the wiring is affordable, simple, very clear and simple to keep.,
three.Schneider and Siemens are outfitted with a sequence of high-degree parts, and their secure use is certain for a lengthy time.

Direct Drive
one.1: 1 direct push, steady and successful.
two.Adopts far more mature break up-variety immediate drive, which is much more dependable and easier to sustain than integrated travel.
three.Imported model, big dimensions CZPT to make certain the prolonged lifestyle of the push program.

For some locations with very poor running problems this sort of as high temperature and high humidity,large-area plate warmth exchangers and higher-performance air coolers are utilized.

Exhaust pipe
The exhaust CZPT adopts double-layer bellows,and the oil passage adopts particular temperature resistance of 125 °C large-stress hose.

Technological Parameters


Venture Scenario

Air compressors belong to the general tools group and are extensively used in metal, electric powered electrical power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textiles, electronics, chemical substances, petroleum, mining, gentle business, machinery producing, paper printing, transportation amenities, food and drugs, casting and spraying, delivery terminals, Armed forces engineering, automotive technological innovation, automotive industry, aerospace, infrastructure and other fields.

Consumer Suggestions

Packaging and Shipping and delivery

Our workers CZPT the examined air compressors in wooden circumstances. Right after the packaging is concluded, the air compressor will be transported to the port and then shipping and delivery to the globe.

Business Profile

CZPT Compressor was launched in 1996 with above a hundred and fifty skilled workers and much more than twenty five R&D engineers’ teams.We emphasis on the analysis & build, manufacture and power-conserving solutions of screw air compressor to develop worth for customers and culture. 

CZPT opened to the planet given that 2015, and now we have a overseas trade department with more than dozens folks, serving clients around the globe 24 several hours. We have product sales associates who can converse English, Spanish, Portuguese, French,and Russian which makes it less difficult for our customers from all more than the globe to interact and negotiate with us.now our valued clients are more than 130 nations. Germany Standard and thirteen several years exporting knowledge help us received more than fifty loyal abroad brokers.

CZPT continuously innovates product development and administration to meet customers’ demand. The potent organization lifestyle and continuous innovation make CZPT enhanced swiftly to attain the enterprise theory “Strength Saving 1st, Mutual Worth Shared”. The production line of CZPT is consist of screw air compressor from 5.5KW to 550KW, oil free of charge air compressor, moveable air compressor, permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor, high strain air compressor and compressed air CZPT gear,and so forth.

CZPT mission is to be a planet-renowned higher-conclude brand, with sustainable advancement, consistently improving its own price and sharing it with our customers and staff. Dedicated to offer our customers a silent and energy-preserving manufactured merchandise.

Our Provider

one.24/7 after sales provider support in distinct languages.
2.Adhere to up the opinions of items in two months interval by email or call.
3.Direction of installation and commissioning on web site can be presented by factory-skilled professionals or neighborhood Authorized Service Heart.
4.Complex instruction for buyers in DEHAHA air compressor manufacturing unit or working website.
5.A lot of unique spare areas with proven top quality are all accessible from our central shares in ZheJiang and all distributors’depots. 
6.All types of technical documents in different languages.

Why pick us?

1.Good quality Guarantee
With a lot more than 24 several years sector knowledge and our compressor authorized by CE, ISO9001, SGS, And TUV check.The raw resources are strictly inspected and Some important areas are imported from overseas.Every single compressor should pass at least 5 hrs of constant screening prior to leaving the manufacturing unit.

2.Warranty Period of time
The comprehensive machines are proviede with 1-12 months warranty, and the compressor air conclude with Two-12 months guarantee and lifetime servicing(With the exception of wearing components)

3. Installation and Commissioning
Provied clients with set up and commissioning directions,and all support-providing staff are strictly trained technically by our company.

4.Soon after -revenue Companies
Our business has service community in planet, supplying prompt replies to customers right after notified in 24~48hours for troubleshooting.

5.Spare Elements
Our firm constantly supply spare areas on most favorable terms.


Q1. Are you buying and selling firm or manufacture ?
A: We are skilled manufacture of screw air compressor of HangZhou(Close to ZheJiang ), China, much more than 24 years.

Q2. How extended is the supply time ?
A: For normal voltage ,15 doing work days. Non-regular ,you should make contact with our product sales.

Q3. What is actually payment expression ?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card, and and so on. Also we could accept USD, RMB, Euro and other forex.

This fall. How about your soon after-income provider ?
A: 1.Offer consumers with installation and commissioning on the web instructions.
      2. Well-trained engineers offered to abroad provider.
      3.Worldwide agents and following provider avaiable.arrange our engineers to assist you education and installation.

Q5. How about your guarantee?
A: 1 yr for the total machine and 2 a long time for screw air stop, besides consumable spare areas.

Q6. Do you have any certificate ?
A: Sure, for each distinct customer’s market require ,we can offer CE ,ISO and many others certification.

Q7. What about the servicing ?
A: Very first upkeep need to be accomplished after 500Hours, and then every single 2000-3000 several hours to do the typical maintenance, and consider the actual environment.

Q8. How do you manage quality ?
A: 1.The raw materials are strictly inspected
      2. Some key areas are imported from abroad
      3.Every compressor should go at the very least 5 several hours of constant tests just before leaving the factory.

Q9. Do you provide OEM support ?
A: Of course.Both OEM & ODM services can be acknowledged.

Q10.How prolonged could your air compressor be utilized?
A: Usually, a lot more than ten many years.

How to Mend and Maintain an Air Compressor

A compressor is a system used to shift air from one place to yet another. Air enters the air compressor by means of the consumption valve. Within the compressor, the vanes on the internal rotor rotate inside of an eccentric cavity. The self-adjusting size arm divides the room into multiple cavities of various dimensions. As the rotor rotates, air fills the cavity. As air flows about the cavity, it builds strain and is squeezed out of the compressor output.

Optimistic displacement

Good displacement air compressors use reciprocating pistons to compress air. Fuel is drawn in in the course of the suction stroke and compressed by moving the piston in the reverse course. It then discharges the compressed air by relocating it in the reverse route. This variety of air compressor is most commonly identified in vehicles, fridges, and other programs that call for high pressure. Nevertheless, it is not as effective as a centrifugal compressor.
Most contemporary air compressors use positive displacement. Positive displacement types capture a volume of air in the compression chamber and distribute it when the pump is operating at greatest ability. They are more economical than their unfavorable displacement counterparts. Reciprocating screw air compressors are the most typical optimistic displacement compressors. The reciprocating screw air compressor adopts a drinking water jacket close to the cylinder and is frequently used in processes this sort of as oil drilling.
A bicycle pump is an case in point of positive displacement compression. Air is drawn into the cylinder and compressed by the moving piston. A piston compressor operates on the exact same theory, but it utilizes a rotating crankshaft or connecting rod to full the movement of the pistons. There are two sorts of positive displacement compressors: solitary-performing and double-acting. Equally types work on the identical basic principle, the two are constructive displacement compressors. The big difference between the two kinds is the stress ratio.
In air compression, positive displacement compression reduces the quantity of the fluid and lowers its viscosity. This results in larger strain ratios and is utilised in centrifugal, axial, and scroll compressors. Positive displacement is a common feature of most air compressors. Good displacement compressors supply the exact same advantages and are far more vitality-effective when used to oil-free and fuel programs. This sort of compression is normally the ideal selection for minimal-stress applications.

oil cost-free

If you are seeking for an air compressor for your organization, contemplate an oil-cost-free air compressor. These designs supply cleaner, quieter operation than conventional air compressors and call for much less upkeep. They also meet ISO Course or Class 1 air purity specifications. Oil-free air compressors are also quieter, with much less shifting areas and much less noise. These advantages make oil-totally free air compressors an excellent solution for numerous professional apps.
Air purity is critical in many industries. Even the tiniest fall of oil can injury generation gear or harm merchandise. The best way to discover an oil-free of charge air compressor for your business is to contemplate the method and end solution. As air high quality increases, far more and a lot more companies are turning to oil-free of charge compressors. Some of the advantages and drawbacks of these air compressors are:
When selecting an oil-free air compressor, it is important to realize the terminology used in the industry. Understanding these terms will make it easier for you to pick the correct compressor for your demands. ACTFM, or actual cubic ft for each minute, is an market expression for measuring the volume of air pumped in a single moment under rated situations. Even though a basic variety, it can be extremely useful in deciding which sort of air compressor is best for your application.
The ISO 8573-1 intercontinental regular defines air quality and gives air purity classifications. The strictest classification is air purity course . Many makers declare that oil-totally free air compressors fulfill this normal. Nevertheless, a course oil-cost-free air compressor does not essentially imply that the air is free of charge of contaminants. In reality, Course is the benchmark for air purity. Although zero air top quality is the highest amount, that isn’t going to imply it is entirely oil-free.

double acting

A double-acting air compressor is a unit that makes use of compressed air to generate electric power. Its operating principle is based mostly on piston and connecting rod. The connecting rod connects the crankshaft to the piston by way of pins and caps. The piston moves as the piston moves. Rods are usually produced of forged carbon metal. In phrases of service and maintenance, double-performing compressors demand standard vise routine maintenance and suitable cleaning.
The displacement of the compressor is a measure of the displacement that the piston can generate in a specified period of time. Displacement is generally expressed in actual cubic toes for every moment. The exact calculation is dependent on the type of cylinder and the configuration of the compressor. One-acting cylinders can have head-finish or crank-stop displacement, both of which can be measured employing the displacement equation. A double-performing air compressor will use this equation. 4 and 6 compute the displacement.
Double-performing air compressors have a number of cylinders and are produced of forged iron. They are water-cooled and have a mechanical relationship between the piston and connecting rod. A double-performing compressor compresses air two times for every revolution of the motor. One particular cylinder moves up, even though the other cylinder moves down. The piston moves down, enabling air to enter by way of valve #1. In the course of the procedure of the compressor, the temperature of the air and gas boosts.
Double-acting air compressors usually have large force and are regarded workhorses. Double-performing compressors also feature intercooling and double compression. As a result, these equipment are inclined to final longer than one-acting compressors. Its minimal pace and twin compression make it a workhorse in the compressor industry. Double-performing air compressors are workhorses and versatile products.

fuel tank pressure switch

You can alter the force in the air compressor tank by adjusting the differential force. You can flip the mainspring clockwise or counterclockwise to improve or lower the stress. This valve will open up when the strain is low adequate to commence the compressor. If the pressure is way too lower, the valve should be shut. The minimize-in and reduce-out pressures should be set to suitable values. Following altering the tank force, check out the hysteresis of the tank pressure switch and set the desired shutoff force.
If the force in the tank falls under the lower-in degree, the tank stress swap should be changed. You can test the switch with a multimeter. Make confident the switch is not ruined. If you can’t discover the change, you can search at the other sections. If you locate any ruined or missing elements, you need to change them. In any other case, it may be time to examine the tank force change. You might need to disassemble the compressor and eliminate the switch.
The gasoline tank force change is an important part of the air compressor. It retains you knowledgeable of the sum of air shipped by the compressor. If your tank or tank is destroyed, your readings will be incorrect. If the pressure change is ruined, it will not perform effectively and end result in incorrect readings. The good news is, there are some simple approaches to resolve this. To prevent this from occurring, preserve the tank force switch in excellent condition.
When the air force in the tank drops to the minimize-in strain environment, the switch allows energy to circulation by means of it. This will commence the motor and pump of the air compressor. Then, if the force in the tank rises previously mentioned the cut-off level, the swap will vacation and end the compressor. This will avert it from getting in excess of-pressurized. Electrical power stream will proceed to circulation to the motor. Relying on your compressor product, you can change the reduce-in and lower-out pressures as necessary.

vitality supply

The electricity offer of the air compressor is really crucial. Most air compressors operate on twelve VDC, which is excellent for automotive use. Alternatively, you can acquire a switching energy provide for around $20. No issue which electricity source you choose, you need to make sure that it can assist the greatest present of the compressor. You can uncover electrical power materials in all dimensions, from quarter-horsepower to 5-horsepower.
The voltage essential for a a few-section air compressor will fluctuate. 3-stage air compressors require a few individual energy cords and a 3-section electrical provider panel. This is simply because a common one hundred twenty/240-volt electrical services panel is not adequate to power a three-period compressor. Additionally, three-section compressors require a few individual isolated wires for the motor and motor circuits. A few-phase compressors do not require a neutral wire.

China factory 90kw 125HP 10bar Electric Stationary Screw Air Compressor Manchines with Ce/ISO9001/SGS Certificate     with Great qualityChina factory 90kw 125HP 10bar Electric Stationary Screw Air Compressor Manchines with Ce/ISO9001/SGS Certificate     with Great quality